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COLIN ROSS  (04.06.1885 Vienna – 29.04.1945 Urfeld am Walchensee, Germany)

Colin Ross was, despite his somewhat Anglo–sounding name, an Austrian who became famous in the mid–1920s for his exotic travel documentary films, such as:

Colin Ross with a crankcase around the World (1924)

Secrets of a Soul (1925/1926)

The awakening Sphinx. With Colin Ross from the Cape to Cairo (1927)

Three years through Africa  (1928)

Egypt (1928)

Watch out Australia! Watch out Asia! The double-face of the East (1930)

The new Asia – a world political film. (1940)



ABOVE: Ross as depicted in the Degeto 1938/39 film catalogue.


Ross and his wife were both committed National Socialists, but after his 1940 film on The new Asia he made no more films.  The Rosses were close friends and neighbours to the Baldur von Schirach family – and lived within walking distance of the von Schirach's country home on Walchensee south of Munich.  On 29 April 1945, Colin Ross and his wife committed suicide in their Walchensee house.