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"Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past."   –– George Orwell in his novel "1984."



over 500  German film

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1927–1954  from

Germany and from

many countries across Europe!  


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Our 2021 Wants List



Lobby cards (AHF) and press photos (Pressefotos) for Karl Ritter's Besatzung Dora (1943)

Lobby cards (AHF) and press photos (Pressefotos) for Karl Ritter's Im Kampf gegen den Weltfeind

Press photos for Karl Ritter's unfinished Spanish Civil War feature film, Legion Condor  [12 such press photos exist in the Filmarchiv Austria collection, so such press photos were taken before the film was abandoned in August 1939.]




HW cover copy.jpeg

Brenner, Hildegard; Filmakademie (Ufastadt-Babelsberg, 1938)

Günther, Walther, Hans Westmar, Staatspolitische File Heft 12, Berlin

Malbran, Werner; Wir erinnern uns gern (Tobis Filmkunst 1941)

Wortig, Kurt; Deutsche Meisterfilme, Verlaganstalt Hütbig  & Co. Berlin (n.d.)







Der ewige Jude    (WR and PH wanted)

Im Trommerfeuer der Westfront  (WR and PH wanted)

Jud Süß   (WR and PH wanted)

Um das Menschenrecht  (WR and PH wanted)

Wunschkonzert (WR and PH wanted)




Blutendes Deutschland (Johannes Häußler, 1932/1933) materials

Any Production Company  "DFG " materials

Der Sieg ds Glaubens materials

Triumph des Willens materials

Karl Ritter film materials/posters  if we do not have them as shown on this website.

 Ostland Film materials/photos (Riga, 1941-1944)

Zentralfilmgesellschaft Ost materials (Berlin 1941-1944)


DER DEUTSCHE FILM  Zeitschrift  von der  RFK  Berlin

Loose issues as follows:

Jahrgang 2  issue #1 2

Jahrgang 4  issue  # 9

Jahrgang 6  issues #2/3 (Großformat issue).

(note: these are being listed for a colleague searching to complete his run of DDFs. German Films Dot Net has the complete set of all issues, as per our webpage. Thank you.)




Film-Kurier Tageszeitung

#198  - 24. August 1940 -Bilderbogen

Völkischer Beobachter

#???  -  13. Juni 1933
#180   - 29. Juni 1939


10. Dezember 1936
11. Juni 1938

Berliner Börsen–Zeitung

13. Dezember 1936

Schwarze Korps

#51, Jhrg. 4 - 22. Dezember 1938

Deutsche Volkszeitung, Berlin (KPD/DDR)

08. September 1945




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