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In July 2017 the Collection acquired two original posters designed by graphic artist Karl Ritter. Yes, the Karl Ritter of later propaganda film fame started out in the young film industry as a graphic artist and then Publicist and Production Manager, before being promoted to that of Director. He designed and had printed no less than 365 silent and early sound posters for the two Munich-based film studios, Emelka Film and Südfilm AG; prior to both of them being bankrupted in 1932 after unsuccessful attempts to transition to sound film productions. 

Although 365 individual film posters were designed by Ritter, there are almost none in circulation outside of a handful of film archives today. It took 25 years for this Collection to locate and find the two posters, which were owned by a private collector, 75 years of age, in Hamburg, Germany, so completely off the radar. 

bfksrtummfilmneuhh32.jpgPat & Patachon were Danish comedians, the Laurel & Hardy of Europe, it was often said, and they made no fewer than 55 films between 1922 and 1940. This one was directed by Hans Steinhoff, who had a major career and reputation prior to his involvement with NS film after 1933. Note that his name as Director does not appear on the poster, which was common practice in those days. 


And here, during WWII, at a "Tag der Wehrmacht," Pat u. Patachon in der Loretto-Kaserne Tübingen, entertaining German soldiers (not the flag in the background of the first photo....) :