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"Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past."   –– George Orwell in his novel "1984."



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Our Poster of the Month


Each month we will display a film poster from our extensive Collection to highlight obscure films and their original posters not well–known today.


This month's poster is one from 1936, and is not that of a feature film, but rather a near feature-length documentary film running 67 minutes.  The film was called Sport and Soldiers and was produced by the German War Ministry, before that Ministry was re–named the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht (OKW).

It was released into German cinemas in July/August 1936, in anticipation of the Summer Olympic Games which were held a few weeks later. The film documents the training and efforts of military men to become fit and to go on to represent Germany in the Games. You can see two such soldiers on the victor's podium in uniform, along with an Italian also in uniform, on our Riefenstahl's Olympia page to be found on our main website header menu.


Original Third Reich film posters of documentary and cultural films are especially rare. It is believed that fewer copies of such posters were printed; given that cinema runs of documentary films would have been less popular and more difficult to present;  given that their length was shorter than audiences expected for the price of their movie ticket. This film was often paired with the documentary film Jugend der Welt Garmisch Winter Games of the 1936 Olympics, which ran 38 minutes. Both films, of course, championed German athletes and the healthy and positive lifestyle of young people and young soldiers of the Third Reich.


The poster is the standard DIN A0 size and could well be the only surviving original poster for this film. We bought it from a private collector in 2015. It is in excellent condition.

More information about this film can be found on this website in our Poster Gallery, by clicking here.