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HITLERJUNGE QUEX Lot / Konvolut of ultra-rare 1933 UFA Promotional materials


HITLERJUNGE QUEX  –   original UFA Promotional Materials from 1933 – super rare!!


Note: This entire Lot of ten original and facsimile
Hitlerjunge Quex items is available immediately for world wide shipment.




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We offer our last available grouping of ultra-rare UFA film studio promotional marketing materials for the classic film Hitler Youth Quex, produced in 1933. The film ranked 10th at the box office that year, out of 114 German feature films released. By the end of the Third Reich in May 1945, Quex still ranked 31st out of 1,094 feature films distributed. A box-office smash hit and called "artistically, not only one of the best propaganda films but rather the most effective youth film that Germany has as yet produced" by anti–Nazi Austrian film historian Herbert Holba in 1967 – decades after WWII ended.


Included in this Lot are:

1. The original 8-page UFA special  Hitler Youth Quex newspaper for the Hitler Youth, entitled Opfergeist / Spirit of Sacrifice. This newspaper is so rare that it does not exist in any German or Austrian film archive, nor in the German National Libraries in Frankfurt/Main or in Leipzig. Impossible to find! Opfergeist has the following articles -- illustrated with ten film photographs:

The National Socialist Revolution
How I discovered the Hitlerjungen Quex for the film by Karl Ritter
Quex the Hitler Youth recounts...
Heinrich George rehearses
Berta Drews talks about Quex
The misunderstood Hitler Youth
The March of the Hitlerjugend (‘Unsre Fahnen flattert uns voran!’) music sheet
The film poster image

Below are all 8 pages of this ultra–rare original film newspaper:

Opfergeist 1.jpeg


Opfergeist 2.jpeg

Opfergeist 3.jpeg

Opfergeist 4.jpeg

Opfergeist 5.jpeg

Opfergeist 6.jpeg

Opfergeist 7.jpeg

Opfergeist 8.jpeg

2.  The original 2-sided red/white/black UFA advertising postcard for the film, showing its poster image on the front side, and text on the verso from the film studio, announcing the film's start in all major German cinemas in September 1933.  This postcard is rare and often commands US$250, as per this present–day auction house fixed price found on the Internet:


Screenshot 2023-08-06 at 4.32.06 pm.png


3. A high-quality facsimile of the 40-page Cinema Owner’s Guide to promoting the film, called a “Reklame–Ratschlag.” This also cannot be found in any German or Austrian film archive or library.

Again, simply impossible to find! With top quality film images and background articles, and marketing aids. This booklet contains the Table of Contents, plot synopsis, and commentary; marketing slogans which could be used, images of glass–mounted slides to project onto movie screens as a preview of coming attractions; details about the actors and Director and Production Head; the song sheet stanzas for Unsere Fahne flattert uns voran!, the Prologue by Klaus Klawitta which was later spoken at the film’s premiere; a reproduction in B&W of the famous movie poster available in both the standard A0 (ca.43 x 47 inches) or as an A3 (9 1/2 x 20-inch) ‘window poster’ for shops and youth hostels, and places with public foot–traffic. Then two letters from the Reichsjugendführung with suggestions on how to promote the film (by distributing the leaflets and on hanging the posters) and a section on lobby cards available to order for the cinema foyer. Then, newspaper inserts (i.e., ready-made dot-matrix ads ready to be handed over to local newspapers.) Then a list of 16 articles which could be ordered for backgrounding the film such as ‘Film work with Hitler Youth,’ ‘Quex, the HJ, recounts...,’ ‘K. A. Schenzinger tells...’ or ‘Heinrich George in rehearsal.’ One page showed a proposed design for the massive exterior billboard for a cinema. Finally, a page with excerpts of film reviews from the Munich and Berlin premieres which could be quoted in local advertising in other cities. Absolutely top film studio material!

4. A used copy of the 1980 paperback Hitlerjunge Quex – Einstellungsprotokoll, which is a word-for-word transcription of the film soundtrack in German, along with a short introduction, synopsis and Production details, such as cast and production team.

5. The film studio's first-ever announcement of the film for the 1933/1934 season. This is a perfect colour facsimile of the 8-page brochure sent exclusively to cinema owners, to entice them to book the film in their coming season. We show the cover at left and then the first page of the illustrated text, right.

6. An original 1938 “Aktuelle Filmbücher” 48-page booklet on the Producer of Hitlerjunge Quex, Karl Ritter. This was a biographical sketch of Ritter and his films through to his 1938 Luftwaffe film Pour le Mérite. It includes dozens of fascinating photographs and illustrations.

7. A very scarce original B&W postcard of Karl Aloys Schenzinger, the author of the novel Der Hitlerjunge Quex (1932) who also assisted with the film script. The autograph is a printed facsimile.

8. A original 4-page music sheet of the film’s song, Unsere Fahne flattert uns voran! composed by Hans-Otto Borgmann with text by Reichsjugendführer Baldur on Schirach. This became the unofficial anthem of the HJ.

9. The original 8-page German Illustrierter Film-Kurier cinema program for the film, ca. 9 x 12 inches, printed in high-quality Rotogravure. The film’s cast and synopsis are presented, along with sharp film images, including a double-page spread shown below.





10. The first-ever book devoted solely to the background, production, promotion and distribution of Hitlerjunge Quex, published in December 2002. Over 400 pages with 62 B&W illustrations and four colour plates.  NOTE: ALL of the pages of the above Opfergeist newspaper, the 40-page Cinema Owner’s Guide, and related materials are translated into English here for the first-time ever. 


This assembly of materials on the film will be sold as a Lot only, with Australia Post worldwide international Airmail and Registered,  trackable mail shipping included in the price. The price will be declared at the full-value on the parcel, to protect you if the parcel is lost, and to protect us so we can refund your payment in that unfortunate circumstance.


For the serious German film collector, HJ collector, film museum or film archive, this is a truly "once-in-a-lifetime" opportunity.

Please note the above descriptions whereby the"Reklame-Ratschlag," and  the  8-page Ufa first-ever announcement of the film brochure are facsimiles and not original items.  They are both high-quality reproductions on 120gsm premium digital paper.


Price is €898 postpaid worldwide, fully insured, registered and trackable from Australia. This price reflects the absolute rarity of the original Ufa promotional items in this Lot –– truly a "once-in-a-lifetime" opportunity to own an outstanding collection of materials on this iconic National Socialist film.