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Film Premiere Programmes

Der Große König programme
Der Große König -Invitation to the Film premiere, Tobis-Film, Berlin 1941 



Am seidenen Faden – invitation to film premiere
Bal Paré  – invitation to the film premiere
Bismarck –  invitation to the film premiere
Capriccio –  invitation to film premiere 

Der Deutsche Film auf der VI. Internationalen Filmkunst–Austellung Venedig 1938 (a portfolio with 24 individual film booklets, 2 to 4 pages each, including Karl Ritter's Urlaub auf Ehrenwort, Riefenstahl's Olympia, Parts I & II, Heimat with Zarah Leander, and other feature films and cultural film shorts premiered at the film festival that year.)

Das neue Asien (Colin Ross Film) - Invitation to the film premiere
Friedrich Schiller –Der Triumph eines Genies  –invitation to film premiere
Der große König –  invitation to film premiere
Geheimzeichen LB17 –  invitation to film premiere. 
Heimkehr  –  opening night  festive  programme with Messages from Dr. Joseph Goebbels and from Reichsstatthalter Baldur von Schirach, Lichtspiel-Theater Scala, Wien 1941

Heimkehr  – Invitation to the Film Premiere, Wien–Film, Lichtspiel-Theater Scala Wien 1941
Hitlerjunge Quex –Uƒa Sonderausgabe, "Opfergeist" , 1933, 8 pp. Ufa
Kampfgeschwader Lützow – Invitation to the film premiere, Tobis, Ufa Palast am Zoo, Berlin
Mann für Mann - invitation to the film premiere. Tobis, Ufa Capitol am Zoo, Berlin
Michelangelo (Curt Ortel documentary) – opening night program for Holland (20 April 1941).
Morgenrot – Invitation to the world premiere, Ufa Palast am Zoo, Berlin 1933.
Ohm Krüger [the German, Italian and the French language editions]  44 pp. Tobis Filmkunst
Ohm Krüger, Zur festliches Aufführung des Emil Jannings-Films der Tobis. 15 pp. Berlin, 1941 
Der Postmeister - Invitation to film premiere, Wien-Film, Wien 1940 
Pour le Mérite – Invitation to film premiere, Uƒa, Berlin 1938
...reitet für Deutschland – Invitation to the film premiere, Uƒa Berlin 1941
Sieg im Westen, invitation to the fim premiere, Uƒa Berlin 1941
U-Boote-Westwärts! - Invitation to the Film Premiere, Uƒa Wien 1941
Was tun, Sybille? – Invittaion to the Film Premiere Uƒa, 1938
Der zerbrochene Krug, Invitation to the Film Premiere Uƒa, 1937
Zwei Welten (Gründgens, 1940) – invitation to the world premiere, Terra Filmkunst, 1940